Please note; Quantity Prices are for multiples of the same item...
ITEM Regular Price 
(Up to 30 pieces)
(30 Pieces) (Or)
100 PIECES(or)
H-44 Jar Lid 3.50ea Wide Mouth Coffee 3-7/8"  3.25ea 3.00ea
H-48 Lid 3.50ea Reg. Coffee Jar  3-3/8"  3.25ea 3.00ea
G-33B Lid 2.00ea Spice(w/ Holes) 1-7/8" 1.50ea 1.00ea
G-33C Lid 2.00ea Spice(no holes) 1-7/8" 1.50ea 1.00ea
G-33A Jar 6.50ea Ringed Spice Jar 4-1/2" tall 2.75ea (24pcs)Limited Time(2/07) 2.00ea Limited Time(2/07)
G-33 Carousel 30.00ea For Spice Jars 8-3/4" dia. 22.00ea (5pcs) ---
G-77A Ring SOLD out

For Sugar Jar  6-3/4" dia.

G-60 Bracket 4.00ea Sugar Jar Mount --- 3.50ea 2.75
G-77 Lid 7.50ea Sugar Jar Lid 5-3/16" 6.00ea ---
G-79 Sugar 79.50ea Complete Set --- 35.00 (10pcs)Limited Time(2/07) ---no further discount
G-78 Sugar 12.75ea Dispenser Cap 3-1/16" 9.00ea 7.00ea
 G-62 Cookbk hldr 21.00ea Holder w/ Shelf --- 18.00ea(10pcs) 15.00ea(30pcs)
H-47 Lid 3.50ea Spice/ w/ Closure 2-3/8" 3.25ea 3.00ea
H-46 Lid 3.50ea For spice jar 2-3/8" 3.25ea 3.00ea
H-49Lid 3.50ea For spice jar 2-3/8" (3/4"tall) 3.25ea 3.00ea
G-88 Lid 3.50ea (Specify-Hi or Low) 2" 3.25ea 3.00ea
G-88 (knurled) 3.50  New Item! For spice jar 2-1/16" 3.25ea 3.00ea
W-98 S & P  JAR 7.50ea Handled w/ lid 4-1/2" tall 7.00ea(10pcs) 5.00(30) 3.50ea  LTD  time 
W-98A Lid 3.50ea For W-98 1-15/16" 3.25ea 3.00ea
H-45 Lid 3.50ea For Tea Jar 2-15/16" 3.25ea 3.00ea
H-37A  Lid 3.50ea For Tea Jar 2-15/16" 3.25ea 3.00ea 
H-37 Tea Jar w/Lid
7.00ea w/ Lid 4-15/16" Tall 4.00ea (10pcs)Limited Time(2/07)
2.50ea Limited Time(2/07)
H-38 Puffy  3.50ea For Shaker  2-1/16" 3.25ea  3.00ea
H-380 Puffy  3.50ea  New! For McKee shaker 1-3/4" 3.25ea 3.00ea
H-381 Puffy  3.50ea Shaker Lid 1-11/16" 3.25ea 3.00ea
H-382 Puffy  3.50ea Shaker Lid 1-1/4" 3.25ea 3.00ea
H-383 Puffy 3.50ea Shaker Lid 1-1/16" 3.25ea 3.00ea
H-384 Puffy  3.50ea New! Shaker lid 1" 3.25ea 3.00ea
H-385 Puffy 3.50ea New! Shaker lid 1-7/16" (1-3/8) 3.25ea 3.00ea
H-39  Stepped 3.50ea "Stepped"shaker Lid 1-13/16" 3.25ea  3.00ea
H-391 Stepped 3.50ea New! "Stepped"shaker Lid 1-5/8" 3.25ea 3.00ea
H-50 Lid 3.50ea Tea cannister  2-3/4" 3.25ea 3.00ea
G-96 Lid 3.50ea Cannister shaker 2-3/16" 3.25ea 3.00ea
G-87 Lid Sold Out !

Spice Jar Lid 1-11/16"

G-89 Lid  Sold Out !

S&P Shaker  1-3/16"

G-90 Lid 3.50ea S&P Shaker  15/16" 3.25ea 3.00ea (50pcs)
G-91 Lid 3.50ea S&P Shaker 1-1/2" 3.25ea 3.00ea (50pcs)
G-92 Lid 3.50ea S&P Shaker  1-3/16" 3.25ea 3.00ea (50pcs)
G-61 Skirt 4.50ea For Hoosier leg --- 3.00ea 2.20ea